Iscential Annual Celebration

Warren Barhorst the CEO of Iscential a leading insurance provider, invited me to perform a one hour stage show at his companies annual celebration at the Hilton Clear Lake in the Discovery Ballroom. It was an excellent venue, and there was a very lively crowd of 150 people in attendance, and we had a wonderful evening together.

I brought my full setup with sound and table video to allow everyone of the 150 spectators to see the action.

I brought in a few new illusions, and this was one of them.


This was the show finale which was created just for them.

I performed some of my signature tricks, including welding a signed and torn card back together.

Danger, welding a torn card back together.

Afterwards several people asked if they could wear my Magic Jacket, which was unexpected and fun.

Danger shares “The Jacket” with some new friends.


It is very difficult to be this cool.


Love the kick!

A big thanks Rubi Moreno and Spencer Barhorst for taking photos and video. I owe you guys!

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