About Danger

Hello and welcome! My name is Robert Danger Byrd, and if you are looking for a skilled party magician for hire in Houston Texas, look no further. I perform stage, close-up and sleight of hand magic for private parties, events and corporate gatherings all over Houston.

I do full standup stage shows with bigger illusions for groups of any size as well as walk around closeup magic. If you would like to book me for a Houston party, or event or you simply have questions, visit the Contact page.

The Gift of Astonishment
Remember when you were a child, and all things were new and amazing? As we grow older and understand more of the world, we tend to lose that childlike sense of wonder, and day by day life becomes a little bit less of an adventure. I want to take you back to that special place, where things don’t quite make sense, and life regains some of that mysterious sparkle. I want to give you the gift of astonishment.

My Performance Style
My performance style is good natured, laid back and jovial with lots of clean impromptu humor. I have fun with the audience, but never embarrass participants.

Danger with an Iscential employee after performing at their annual retreat.

Many of my tricks showcase the previously undiscovered magical talents of my volunteers making them the stars of the show and the ones performing the magic, but having no idea how they actually dd it.

See Danger in Action
To see me performing, take a look at my sample performance videos.

So if you are looking to make your private party or corporate event a magical event, you cant go wrong with a magician. I perform magic at events and parties all over Houston and the Greater Houston Metro area as well.

I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t absolutely astonished w my performance.