Pimp Your Party

Want your holiday party to be memorable? Everyone loves close up magic, and my holiday party pricing is simple and affordable at $300 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour and drive time is free if its under 40 minutes round trip from downtown.

Interested? Call or text me at 281-802-1940.

And to get a feel for my fun and lighthearted style, visit my Video Page for samples, or my @robertdangerbyrd Instagram for shots from my street magic. But if that is just too darned much trouble, here are some clips:

Here is a mashup of me performing walk around closeup magic at the home of Ray and Karen Peacoe in celebration of Karen’s 50th birthday.

This charming little girl was one of the volunteers at my March 2017 Ronald McDonald House charity show. She was so careful writing her name, but my favorite part was when she said she has a blowtorch, but as it turns out she really didn’t.

Here is a clip of my card to mouth trick from the April 2017 Houston BandJam, where I performed a full stand up magic show.

Don’t wait, text me now at 281-802-1940 and lock in your date w Danger!

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