Questions & Answers

What is Close-up Magic?
Close-up or table magic is the most intimate and engaging type of magic, requires the highest skill levels, is the most astonishing and creates memories that will never be forgotten. Most everyone has been to a stage show and see a magician perform illusions w the aid of smoke and mirrors (as we say in the business). But few have had the utterly astonishing experience of magic performed without aid of props or gimmicks right before their very eyes. This is the art of sleight of hand, and Danger is a master of sleight of hand.

Where can I see you perform?
I typically perform at private parties and corporate events which are typically not open to the public. I also have sample performance videos posted here to give you an idea of my performance style.

Do you travel?
Yes, I travel wherever the magic takes me, and regularly between Los Angeles California and Houston Texas.

Do you work trade shows?
Yes, I have worked many trade shows and

Do you perform the same show every time?
I do have signature magic tricks that I regularly perform, but I am constantly integrating new illusions into my routine. If you have specific things you would like to see in your show, by all means let me know. But the answer is no, I never perform the same show twice.

How much room do you need?
I can work with any amount of space, if you want a full show with all of the AV support, that takes more room, but I can also perform a two hour show out of my pockets.

Do you recommend a stand up show, or walk around for my event?
If your attendees will be standing, then walk around is best. However if your attendees will be seated, a stage show will allow for more impressive illusions and the audience participation makes for a more entertaining experience. In some cases both are appropriate, for example, I can do walk around before dinner and a show afterwards. I don’t perform during dinner because your attendees will be focused on eating, and not the show.

Do you involve the audience in your show?
Yes of course and it makes the show much more fun when the personalities of people your friends and or coworkers are added to the routines. I take great care to make people feel good about their involvement and never embarrass them.

Do you perform at children’s parties?
Yes I do, as long as they are old enough to appreciate impossibility. Bending the laws of physics is not that impressive when you don’t understand them, I find that age 6+ is a pretty good guideline.

What are your audio visual requirements?
If I’m doing a stage show, I typically bring my own sound system and microphone. I have additional hand held mics and your are welcome to use my system for announcements and such. If you are providing the sound system, I will need a headworn mic as well as a 3.5mm input at my podium for this. I also bring a 100″ screen with a camera over my table so the audience can see the closeup magic clearly. I also play music before, after and during certain routines throughout the show.